This site is for my photographs to be displayed for the world. Please view and leave comments. My livejournal is kittenfc!

These photos are from my trip out to ship island some time in June of 2004
This is the Long Beach Harbor bait shop.
A barge the was motoring by our boat.
The beach.
Another beach shot.
A third beach scene.
The last beach scene (but not really).
Some clouds.
More clouds.
This is a coke bottle in the sand.
a long piece of drift wood up on the beach.
I snapped this picture of these ducks at the harbor.
This feather looked interesting.
I got sandy after laying down to take a picture and I thought it looked cool.
I just liked this shot of the wooden deck.
A shot of the Long Beach Harbor.
Also the harbor.
The letters on the outside of the Long Beach Yacht Club.
Some lifejackets laying in a corner.
I found this lightbulb just laying around.
A pelican on a piling.
One of the piers in the harbor.
The ramp to the LBYC.
I liked this sailboat because it was red, although it's charm is lost in the black and white picture.
Another sailboat. One of my favorites.
My sandals.
Shelda Ann builds a sandcastle.
Seagulls. These wouldn't stop trying to eat our food.
Another beach scene with sea oats.
A shrimpboat out working. Notice the pesky seagulls following it.
Some wooden stairs at the LBYC.
A picture of the sun.
I took this picture of myself.
Yet another beach picture.
Some tables at the LBYC.
This bird and its friend attacked me. Apparently there was a nest nearby.
Some racoon tracks along the beach.
An empty boat trailer.

The following are from my trip to the butterfly garden exhibit during the VA trip 2004.
An interesting angle of some flowers and a butterfly.
Some more flowers. Also notice my feet(I like doing that for some reason).
Fern leaves.
The same shot, but in black and white.
A tall tree.
Rippley water.

These next pictures are some experiments I did with lights in the dark.
A candle on top of my tv.
This one was taken while travelling on the beltway around Washington DC.
The porch light of my house.
A torch on the deck.
A light along my road.
Flaming torches.
Long Beach harbor lights.
A view down the beach.
Steve's Marina restaurant.
Some more cars on Hwy 90. Also I liked the effect from the streetlamp.
Similar to the previous shot.
Outside deck of the Yacht Club.
The porch light outside of Tonda's. The tree frogs always hang out by it.
Candles on the table at the deck.