Summer Tour 2003

To Do List:
Ship Island
frisbee on the beach
Olive Garden
playing on sandbars at the beach
Swimming at Lindsay's
building sandcastles at the beach
Camping out at Lindsay's
volleyball on the beach
Movie nights
beach nights
Mexican Night
flying kites at the beach
jellyfish party at the beach
Progressive dinner (we should really do that)
search for Hermans II, III, and IV
picnic at the park--on top of the tank (it'd be fun)
trip to the beach
black and white film day
Mobile shopping (or just fun looking if we have no money)
horror movie marathon
how to host a murder mystery party
geocaching daytrips to silly places
beach star watching
time lapse photography
visit albino graveyard
Papa John's pizza feast
home video night
paint fight


Ciciís buffet

Non-chicken alfredo Papa Johnís pizza

Walmart: Fun row: volleyball stuff, sports fun pack, crayon maker, etc.

Canoeing in Hattiesburg


thrift store to get bike rim for jj's ghetto bike 


Mi Mexico//Ridiculous Books




Fun that's been done!:
May 8: ESF Banquet
May 9: Movie Night, Katie Reid & Co., Geocaching,
May 10: Misty's Paint Party
May 12: Swimming at Lindsay's
May 13:
Phone Booth
May 14: B-day Party at Misty's, Frisbee on the beach, Jellyfish party, biker rally, seawall, IHOP,
The Matrix
May 16: Beachin' It with the rats, IHOP
May 17: Random Mobile Trip, Rocking Chair,
Matrix Reloaded
May 19: Bowling,
Meet Joe Black, Jumping Jacks
May 24: Games at Tootie's
May 25: Ghetto DVD player and
What Dreams May Come
May 27: Graduation
May 28: Waffle House Inauguration SEVEN A.M. with Mr. Tuepker!!!! Big Jellyfish

May 29: Dinner Party at Lindsay's, crab-walk race at the beach

May 30: Picnic at PC park, Party at Daveís, Papa John pizza feast at LB park, Carrie cake, Bill and Tedís Excellent Adventure, Silence of the Lambs

May 31: Seanís creepy comic book store and crappy Mexican place, Bill and Tedís Bogus Journey, Blue Kool-Aid and orange Jell-o, Hannibal.

June 9:New 4Runner!!Slidell trip.

June 12:Pancakes (blueberry.Also chocolate chip.But not together.), butterfly garden in the pouring rain, Long Beach Grill with 14-year old waitresses, Papa Johnís in the back of the 4Runner, old school Nintendo, Friday the Thirteenth

June 13:JJís favorite day everóFriday the thirteenth!

June 14:Seanís birthday party at McAlisterís, Starkville trip, Patrice nearly kills JJ and the 4Runner

June 15:Home from Oxford/StarkvilleóPatrice nearly kills everyone again.

June 16:Johnny Dangerously at JJís

June 17:Wolf River Canoe Trip!!

June 18:  Mario Paint

June 22:Beetsís Canoe Trip, mac-n-cheese in sleezy clothes, The Graduate